Topic outline

  • Suncast

    Complex solar shading analysis

  • Session Description

    SunCast calculates the position of the sun in the sky, tracks solar penetration throughout the building interior and calculates shadows.

    It draws on:

    • The position of your building and site
    • The date and time
    • Your viewing position (altitude and azimuth)
    • The properties of your defined windows, doors and holes
    • Defined shading surfaces: adjacent buildings, topographical shades, local shades

    Complex solar shading calculations are undertaken which determine how solar rays pass through both external and internal openings. Penetration across rooms and atriums into internal space is uniquely taken into consideration.

    SunCast enables you to analyse the geometric relationship between the sun and your building. These training videos will help you understand and apply this powerful solar analysis tool.

  • SunCast Part 1

    - Introduction to SunCast
    - Creating single images
    - Creating timed images
    - Performing shading calculations to link to ApacheSim

  • SunCast Part 2

    - Performing external surface analyses - energy
    - Performing external surface analyses - exposure

  • Test Yourself

    Feel free to attempt the quiz below. The questions will cover some of the content covered in this training session.